Trusty Survival Knives

Any knowledgeable outdoorsman knows that it’s important to have a knife with you that is both reliable and versatile, whenever you’re spending time in nature. Knives are crucial tools to have on hand when dealing with the elements. There’s a reason that knives were one of the earliest human tools ever developed. They’re necessary for us to survive when we’re exploring and enjoying the thrill of being in the wilderness. If you need a survival knife, it’s important to realize that not just anything with a blade will do. You need a knife that is made to endure whatever stress it may take. Durability and portability are just as important at the sharpness of the blade. When you need a survival knife that is up to any task and crafted to remain sturdy, White Mountain Knives has all you need.

For example, White Mountain Knives has a collection of Buck Survival Knives that are designed to remain strong. The Buck Selkirk Survival Knife is a very reliable knife. With its 4 5/8 inch stainless blade, this knife is great for chopping and carving. It has brown and black CNC contoured micarta handles and a steel bolster guard and pommel. The pommel can be used as an impromptu hammer, making this knife versatile. This knife also comes with a nylon sheath, which is suited for either vertical or horizontal belt carry. In addition, the sheath comes with a fire starter/safety whistle. When you’re looking at outdoor survival equipment, utility and versatility are everything. There is only so much you can carry with you, so having a tool that can function in multiple ways is incredibly useful. The Buck Selkirk Survival Knife is a great piece of equipment to have if you’re looking for a fixed blade knife.

If you prefer a smaller knife that folds out, you may want to take a look at the Buck Vantage Pro Pocket Knife. When closed, this knife is about 4 3/8 inches. The blade is 3 ¼ inches long. The stainless modified drop point blade features a satin plain edge that locks into its open or closed position with a mechanism that is built into the black glass reinforced nylon handle. It even features an removable stainless steel clip. One of the best things about this knife is that it is very lightweight, weighing in at only 4 oz. These examples of Buck Survival Knives are very different from one another, but they provide a great example of how versatile Buck is as a purveyor of utility knives.

When you use White Mountain Knives, you can expect quality equipment. Their selection of survival knives includes a variety of knives to help get any kind of job done efficiently. Whatever your needs are, turn to White Mountain Knives. When you’re talking about survival among the wilderness, you need equipment that is up to the task. You’ll find that at White Mountain Knives. Check out their selection of knives on their website and order yours today!

Choosing the Right Small Gerber Knife

Most everyone whose profession or hobby requires the use of a quality knife has, at some point or another, heard of Gerber Legendary Blades, often simply referred to as Gerber or Gerber Knives. Gerber’s blades have regularly garnered international praise and have enjoyed endless popularity since their rise in the early 1900s. Whether athlete, hunter, or laborer, a small Gerber knife can mean the difference between a quick, easy job and a difficult, tedious one. Boxes, pelts, rope, and wire ties all become easier when you have the right knife. With this in mind, how can one select the right small Gerber knife for their own use? The answer lies in understanding the models available to you.

1. Gerber Crucial Tool 0016
The Gerber Crucial Tool is one of Gerber’s best small multi-tool knives. Measuring in at a compact 3.5 inches when closed, the Gerber Crucial packs an impressive punch for its size. Two blades, one serrated and one smooth, work in cooperation with a bottle opener, wire cutters, and screwdrivers to provide seemingly limitless flexibility. For workers needing to solve unpredictable problems right away, the Gerber Crucial is likely to be a fantastic fit.

2. The Gerber 39 Series Micarta Knife With Plain Edge 30-001062N
Forged out of CPM-S30V steel with a polymer-bolstered Black Micarta handle, the Gerber 39 Series Micarta is one of the most impressive small Gerber knives you can find on the market today. 7.6 inches when open, the blade folds down to a compact 3.3 inches, weighing only 3.8 ounces altogether. While this knife is larger while folded open, its simple, easy-to-carry design makes it an obvious choice for those in need of a tough, larger blade that is still lightweight and easy-to-store.

3. Gerber Edge Knife Utility Blade
With a compact, 1.1 inch, replaceable blade, the Gerber Edge knife is the ideal small knife for warehouse and construction workers. A spring-locked blade makes for lightning-fast blade swap-outs, and an included pocket clip ensures you won’t misplace your blade. At a full length of 6.1 inches, the Gerber Edge knife folds down to an impressive 3.8 inches of length. The grip, available in 3 colors, is rubberized to ensure you have a solid hold on your blade for any difficult cuts. Additionally, the availability of multiple colors and the notably low cost of this blade make it an ideal choice for teams.

4. The Gerber Dime Micro Tool 30-000469
With ten durable components creatively stacked within a 4.25 inch body, the Gerber Dime Micro Tool is practically unbeatable in size. Pliers, wire cutter, package opener, scissors, tweezers, and more ensure that no matter what challenge you face, you’ll have an answer, all in a package that takes up less room than your car keys.

If the knives explored above seem interesting, just wait to see what else is available. Gerber is one of the most storied knife manufacturers in the world, with partnerships all across the globe. White Mountain Knives proudly stocks Gerber products, as well as a number of other knives, like Kershaw Knives, which branched off from the Gerber legacy. Visit White Mountain Knives today to learn just how many options you have!

Swiss Army Knives for All Needs

There’s something to be said for a reliable Swiss Army Knife. These multi tool knives come in handy in all kinds of situations. In an age of things being readily accessible, the trusty Swiss Army Knife is still one of the most useful tools you can have. At White Mountain Knives, you can find the best in all kinds of knives. If you’re a hunter or outdoorsman, you’ll be interested in their stock. Their selection of hunting knives is nothing to sneeze at. You’re sure to be impressed at the array of survival tools you’ll be able to find at White Mountain Knives.

If you’re in the market for a multi tool you can rely on, White Mountain Knives is sure to have something that will fit your needs. They have a huge variety of Swiss Army Knives for sale. For instance, the Victorinox Swiss Lite Swiss Army Knife is the quintessential multi tool. This knife serves as a blade, a nail file, a screwdriver, scissors, a key ring, and a set of tweezers. All of these tools are combined into one small, lightweight product that is incredibly easy to take with you wherever you go. Its mini LED light can help you make yourself visible in the dark when necessary. This multi tool is incredibly useful. In addition to being portable, it’s durable and resistant to damage. The tools are stainless steel and rust proof, so even if your multi tool is exposed to the elements, you can rest assured that it will remain in fine shape.

Perhaps the Victorinox Swiss Lite is appealing to you, but you need access to more tools. If that’s the case, check out the Victorinox Swiss Army Hercules Knife. In addition to all of the tools included in its smaller counterpart, this Hercules model includes a larger blade, a wood saw, pliers, a can opener, a bottle opener, a wire stripper, multiple screwdrivers, a reamer, a corkscrew, and a toothpick. If you’re looking for a multi tool that can handle anything, this may just be the knife for you.

However, If this still doesn’t serve all the purposes you need, you might be interested in the Victorinox Swiss Champ Swiss Army Knife. Not only does it include all the features of the Hercules model, but it also includes additional tools such as wire cutters, a fish scaler with a hook disgorger, a ruler, a magnifying glass, a hook, a wood chisel, a ballpoint pen, and a straight pin. That’s a pretty impressive number of tools combined into one simple, small handheld device.

At White Mountain Knives, you can expect the best in utility and craftsmanship. The knives and other tools they offer are designed to handle some serious wear and tear. After all, when you’re camping, hunting, or simply doing chores around the house, one of the most important things you can have on hand is a dependable multi tool knife. Whatever specific needs you have, you can find the product for you at White Mountain Knives. To see more of the Swiss Army Knives for sale at White Mountain Knives, visit their website.

Getting to Know the Spyderco Pocket Knife: 3 Fantastic EDC Knives

If you’re the type who likes to be prepared for anything, you’ve likely considered picking up a knife for your everyday carry setup. Knives are one of the most useful tools you can have on hand for so many reasons, but a bad knife is almost as bad as no knife at all. Nothing is worse than needing to cut a piece of rope on the job only to realize that your blade is dull or rusty. When setting up your EDC, you need knives of quality, so it would make sense that Spyderco knives would be on your shortlist. In this guide, we’ll explore 3 of Spyderco’s EDC knives; while there are tons of options, these three are great ones to keep your eye on. When the time comes to make a purchase, you’ll have no problem picking out a good Spyderco pocket knife.

1. The Spyderco A.T.R. 2 C70GP2
A.T.R. stands for “at the ready,” a phrase that truly suits this fantastic reimagining of the classic Spyderco pocket knife. Featuring the iconic “round hole” design that has made Spyderco famous, the A.T.R. is one of the easiest knives to open and one of the most comfortable to hold.

The A.T.R. 2 measures in at just 5-inches when closed and just over 8-inches when unfolded. Forged with Japanese steel, the A.T.R. 2 is durable, sharp, and always prepared to work when you need it. It’s not just functional, though; it’s stylish as well. With a unique graduated blade design, the A.T.R. 2 is sure to stand out as a blade of aesthetic distinction.

2. The Spyderco Gayle Bradley Advocate C214TIP
Simple but elegant, the Advocate is a custom design produced by professional cutting competitor Gayle Bradley. This blade features the trademarked Round Hole that Spyderco is known for on a razor-sharp CPM M4 steel blade. Uniquely, the handle is carved out of solid, colored titanium scales, which give it an unmatched appearance.

If you’re looking for a high-performance, lightweight, and uniquely styled Spyderco pocket knife, the Advocate might just be the model for you.

3. The Spyderco Alcyone G-10 Grey C222GPGY
Designed to be the quintessential mid-range knife, the Alcyone G-10 blends performance, durability, and easy of use into one simple and affordable knife. This style of pocket knife is the ideal for workers who are looking for a tough knife without any extra bells and whistles. Weighing just over 3-ounces, the Alcyone is easy to clean, easy to open, and comfortable to carry. Its built-in, adjustable clip allows for belt carrying as easily as storing it in a tool belt or toolbox. The Alcyone is forged from CTS BD1 steel, ensuring a long life and a sharp edge.

These 3 models are only a small selection of the pocket knives Spyderco manufactures, and they’re making new, innovative blades all the time. If you’re thinking about buying a new knife, be sure to visit White Mountain Knives online today. Their team of knife experts can give you the rundown on everything Spyderco and beyond!

Determining the Best Gerber Knife for You

Gerber Legendary Blades is one of the most recognizable and well-respected brands of sport knives worldwide. With its roots in Portland, Oregon, Gerber has a long and storied history serving athletes, hunters, workers, and more. In addition to explosive success in the early 1900s, Gerber was also responsible for the early starts of a number of other top-shelf brands of sport knives. Kershaw and Al Mar Knives were both founded by former employees of Gerber.

With the reputation Gerber has garnered worldwide, many hunters aim to add a Gerber Legendary Blade to their collection eventually. Making the decision on the best Gerber knife is not always easy, however, especially considering the broad spectrum of excellent blades offered by Gerber. To make your decision easier, here is a guide to some of the best knives Gerber has to offer:

1. Gerber StrongArm Knife Plain Edge Fixed Blade 30-001038

The Gerber StrongArm knife is a heavy-duty knife designed to offer unbeatable grip with a firm design. With a full length of 9.8 inches and a weight of 10.9 ounces, this knife has a healthy and balanced feel that is satisfying without being overly bulky to carry. Glass filled nylon with a rubber diamond-texture overmold is used to formulate a tough-but-comfortable grip that ensures your knife won’t feel wobbly or slippery when cutting tough materials. If you’re looking for a balance of mobility and strength, the Gerber StrongArm may be the best Gerber knife for you.

2. Gerber Center Driver Multi Tool Knife 30-001196

Multitools are a traditional choice for those whose work puts them in the position of problem-solver. Construction workers, hunters, fishers, and combat engineers alike will find that the Gerber Center Driver Multi Tool Knife is a fantastic addition to their toolbox, tacklebox, hunter’s pack, or security kit. This knife features multiple screwdrivers, wire cutter and crimper, both fine edge and saw-tooth blades, and a unique one-thumb open design and comes with a handy case for storage.

3. The Gerber US-Assist Knife Plain Edge 30-001205

7.5 inches of CPM-S30V stainless steel make this folding knife worthy of the Gerber endorsement. Perfect for anyone who wants an everyday carry, the Gerber US-Assist is unbeatable among Gerber’s larger, folding knives. Featuring a spring-assisted thumb opening and plunge lock, this knife is USA made with a drop point blade style and flat blade grind. A 3-inch blade length and .09 inch blade thickness coming in at just under 4 ounces, this knife is the perfect knife for everyday use.

If you’re looking to get your hands on the best Gerber knife for you, you need not look any further than White Mountain Knives. With an expansive selection of Gerber knives, White Mountain Knives is ready and waiting to get you equipped. Whether you’re a hunter, hobbyist, active duty military, or simply looking for something handy for an everyday use White Mountain Knives’ professional staff can help you get the knife that’s right for you. Visit them online or contact them today!

The Features and History of the Kershaw Hunting Knife

Kershaw Knives of Portland, OR is a world-renowned sport knife manufacturer that has repeatedly won major recognition in the United States and abroad. As the sport knife wing of KAI Group, manufacturer of the top-shelf Shun brand of kitchen cutlery, Kershaw has an incredible legacy to live up to, but live up it has. Many hunters and survivalists now proudly sport a Kershaw Hunting Knife, knowing that it represents a long legacy of excellence in knife craft.

Kershaw Knives, before it was acquired by KAI Group, was an independent company founded and led by an experienced Gerber Knives salesman by the name of Pete Kershaw. Hoping to bring his own styles into reality, Kershaw largely worked with Japanese knife manufacturers, which is what ultimately led to the acquisition of the brand by KAI, which is headquartered in Japan. Since then, Kershaw has expanded its manufacturing to factories within the United States and China, as well.

When on the hunt for a new Kershaw Hunting Knife, interested buyers will find that the catalog of styles is quite expansive. From patented SpeedSafe folding knives to stylish and tough fixed-blade models, Kershaw Hunting Knives come in nearly every style a hunter could need. While many hunters prefer fixed-blade options, Kershaw’s folding-blade models can be equally attractive to hunters looking for something new.

Let’s start with an example of Kershaw’s fixed-blade knives: the Dune Fixed Blade Knife. This tough and sleek blade measures in at 7.7 inches from tip to tail, weighing an impressive 2.5 oz. With full-tang construction in 8Cr13MoV steel, the Dune knife is incredibly durable and stable. It knife comes in pure black-oxide finish, making it both stylish and functional.

As for folding-blade knives, the Kershaw Cryo Tanto Blade brings more to the table for hunters than competing folding knives. Small enough to be used as an everyday carry knife when folded, the Kershaw Cryo Tanto weighs in at 5.5 oz., giving it a good feel that many folding blades lack. In addition, it features the patented SpeedSafe torsion bar assisted open. SpeedSafe makes opening the blade easy, safe, and within regulation. All in all, the Kershaw Cryo Tanto Blade is a top-notch, compact hunting knife for the hunter who doesn’t like to be burdened with overly-large blades or flimsy-feeling folding knives.

Kershaw knives are a logical choice for any survivalist, hunter, or worker. Quality, style, and a legacy for excellent craftsmanship put KAI’s sport brand one of the best in the world. If you’re in the market for a new knife, and Kershaw’s fantastic blades seem like the right fit, visit White Mountain Knives today. Their team of knife professionals can help you find the knife that will meet your ergonomic, comfort, style, and durability needs. With an enormous inventory of unique and specialized knives, White Mountain Knives is ready to equip you for an excellent hunt, the camping trip of a lifetime, or a relaxing weekend fishing trip.

Spyderco is the Brand for You

If you’re a seasoned wilderness enthusiast, you know that your tools mean everything. That means that the knife you carry with you can make all the difference on your next camping or fishing trip, and you don’t want to be stuck with a faulty product. Surely, you’ve heard of Spyderco. This is a brand that stands out for one reason and one reason only: quality. That’s why White Mountain Knives keeps a wide variety of Spyderco products on our site; we only want to serve the highest quality items to our customers. You won’t find all these quality products in one place on any other site, so when you’re looking for the best Spyderco knife, you’re looking for White Mountain Knives.

Why White Mountain Knives? Well, we’ve been shipping knives and other products to those in need around the world since 2005. That’s because we love our products as much as the customers that purchase them, and we aim to provide the best quality items around at affordable prices that are not only fair, but exceptionally low. No matter what kind of knives and tactical gear you need for the wilderness, you’ll find a useful product on our site. With all of the top brands to choose from, you’ll soon find that the product you purchased is of the highest caliber. There’s nothing better than owning a high quality item for a fantastic price, and that’s exactly the feeling that you’ll have after your visit to White Mountain Knives.

So, what is the best Spyderco knife? Well, one thing that we love about Spyderco is that they accommodate every man’s salary. You’re bound to find something within your price range, so we’ll recommend the Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Folding Knife as a lower-end option. The beautiful thing about Spyderco is that the lower-end is still a higher-end product, and you’ll absolutely love this one. Checking in at 5 ounces, this baby comes with stainless steel, and the G10 handle feels amazing to hold. This is a fantastic knife and could easily be used as a starter knife if you’re someone who’s just getting into the hobby!

If we’re going to show you the cheaper option, you know we’re going to show you the luxury option! The Sprint Run Spyderco Paramilitary 3 Pocket Knife with Carbon Fiber Handle is not the kind of knife to reckon with. It can do everything that you’d like and more. The balance on this beauty makes all other knife companies jealous, and for good reason. You’re looking at a durable product that will last you years and years. We’re not kidding, you’ll love this knife for years to come!

White Mountain Knives prides ourselves in our customer service just as much as we do our superior knife products. When you feel like you could use some help choosing a product, don’t hesitate to ask. If there’s a product that you feel you’d like to see, feel free to let us know! Our customer service representatives are knowledgeable on all of our products, and we’re here to help. That’s what makes us number one!