Find the Best Pocket Knife at White Mountain Knives

A pocket knife is an indispensable tool. Cornering every daily task with authority, a pocket knife opens envelopes, makes short work of snack preparation, and opens packages with ease and efficiency. If you don’t have a designated everyday-carry pocket knife, carry one for one day and you’ll more or less be in disbelief that you ever managed a day without one. Remove it after one day and you’ll be reaching for a phantom blade every time you come across an obstacle.

That being the case, there are some pocket knives that will reliably outperform others, whether the performance is in quality of components, ergonomics, or durability. Many models come to mind, but there are certainly a few that rise to the top as star performers. When you’re looking for the best pocket knife, any one of these choices won’t disappoint.

If you’re looking for a multiple blade, traditionally-styled pocket knife, it’s hard to beat the stock from Case, either in quality or aesthetics. A model like the Case Mini Trapper is about as handsome and functional as penknives come. With real jigged bone scales and attractive nickel bolsters, it’s as much a joy to admire as to use. Also in traditional style, it boasts a spey blade and clip point, each blade suited separately. The slip joints make easy work of light work, and a pocket knife of this nature excels.

For different form and even more functionality, a locking pocket knife will be able to tackle tougher tasks and hold up to more abuse. A lockback, like the Buck 112 Slim Ranger Pro with a three-inch blade and a thumb stud for easy deployment, can handle the jobs of some sturdier fixed knives. Though the micarta scales may not dazzle the senses, they certainly will not flag under duress.

For even more durability and perhaps the ultimate choice in ruggedness and design, the Cold Steel 4Max Folder combines several elements together into a no-frills knife intended to last. Featuring a clip for easy belt or pocket carry, a thumb stud for rapid deployment, a beefy clip point, and rugged aluminum liner, this knife can take a beating and come out on top. What it lacks in Case’s aesthetics, it makes up for with the intense toughness of its lock and frame. In many ways, folders like this in design have started to supplant larger fixed blades.

Once your mind is made over the best pocket knife for your everyday carry, you’ll have to decide where to buy it. Luckily, deciding on where to get your blades is much easier than deciding on the blade itself. For price and selection, White Mountain Knives is the premier choice to source your high quality blades.

Not only does White Mountain Knives have an expansive inventory, but they also have access to even more stock than listed due to their vendor relationships. That, and the fact that orders in North America ship free make the choice an obvious one. Go to today to get your next EDC blade.

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